The entry process is very simple.

Choose the category you wish to enter from the drop down menu, choose the year level, then fill in the online form.

You will be asked to upload your entry at the end of the FORM – you cannot submit the form without the entry. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE FILE NAME IS THE SAME AS THE TITLE OF YOUR ENTRY. (please do not make the judges job harder by having a random name on the file)

A reminder that ‘Open’ is all age levels and 3 ‘Most Outstanding Awards’ are announced.

Please note: If you don’t choose the correct category or year level and/or upload an incorrect file with your entry it will be VOID…….NO exceptions, as with the mass amount of entries we get and the fact we are all full-time teachers like you, we just don’t have time to sort this for you.

Allow plenty of time to get your form filled in and file uploaded, If you have any issues uploading that you can’t solve (e.g. your file type is your responsibility – photos need to be jpegs, photo essay can be a jpeg or pdf etc, or if your school won’t allow your file to upload due to slow internet or file size try to upload from home instead) please email madeentry@gmail.com but don’t leave it until the last minute or chances are we won’t be able to get your problem sorted for you.

Once entries have closed and we have confirmed our list of entrants, we will be invoicing each school via email for their total number of entries. Schools will then be able to pay via direct deposit. This system worked seamlessly last year.