Frequently Asked Questions

Entries are now closed for 2019

How much does it cost to enter the MADE Awards
Movies cost $10 for each entry (Commercial, Music Video, Story Telling, Documentary and Open categories)
Images cost $6 for each entry (Static and Manipulated Categories). Please make sure the email address for the person in the school paying the account is correct and that they are aware that an invoice will be arriving after closing date (accounts not paid by the awards evening may affect the uplifting of prizes and certificates)

How do I enter? 
Once entries are open you can enter using our online Google form. After entries close an invoice is sent out to each school so that they can pay all entry costs in a single payment. (the MADE Awards bank account details will be supplied).

Do you accept late entries if there are any computer glitches when sending?
No. You need to make sure you enter and have your media shared via Google Forms well before the closing date to avoid last minute problems.

After the closing date, how soon will it be before I will know if my entry has made the finals? 
By the end of Week 1 of Term 4.

How do I book tickets to the Award night?
Booking tickets is all done online via Ticketec (for our Bay Court Venue, their are fees added when booking online, the only way to avoid these fees is buying face to face at the ticketing office in Tauranga). Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page for when the tickets go ‘live’.

How soon do I need to purchase tickets?
As soon as possible after finalists are announced! Every year we have sold out, so make sure you get your ticket quick to avoid disappointment.

When does the Awards Ceremony finish?
The Awards Ceremony starts at 6.00pm, and we try to be completely finished by 8.45pm.

Is there any feedback as to why my entry did not make the finals yet appeared to meet all the criteria?
No. All of our judges are completely independent. While they do use a marking sheet for each entry, we do not get feedback from them on individual entries (other than the winners in each category).

If the content is deemed unsuitable for a ‘General’ audience, will my entry be rejected?
Absolutely. The criteria clearly states that all entries should be for a primary school audience, and therefore ‘G’ rated.  If your entry is deemed unsuitable for any reason, you will not be notified nor your entry fee refunded, so please check that your entry is G rated.

So what might get our entries rejected?
Gratuitous death scenes, suicide, horror, violence, gore, swearing, alcohol, sexual themes, etc. Remember to check the lyrics of any music used in an entry. And believe us, we’ve had all of these things entered before! We know that we have young children in the audience, and we want the MADE Awards to be a fantastic experience for them.

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