Powerful Images

Eligible entrants: The  Powerful Images category is open to New Entrants through to Year 8 students enrolled in New Zealand schools.

Category One – Year 1-3
Category Two – Year 4-6
Category Three – Year 7-8

Entries must be a Powerful Image (or collection of images)  which can be digitally changed/enhanced/manipulated/mashed for greatest effect to deliver a message (e.g. Road Safety, Digital Citizenship, Healthy Eating, Telling the story of an event or learning experience  etc) or to simply ‘tell a story’ or deliver a lasting message to the viewer.

Powerful Image/s
Entry will be judged on
  • Demonstrate good photography techniques and composition
  • Have a visual impact on the viewer – grab attention
  • Have a relationship and a flow between the elements
Powerful Image/s
Entry will also be judged on
  • Conveying a clear message to a targeted audience
  • With or without words


  • ALL entries must be compiled from copyright-free or original images. All compilation and text must be completed by the student.  

On the entry form you will need to state which programme or app was used and what effects were used to create the design.  Keep this in mind when your students are creating their images.

By submitting your project, you consent to its use to be displayed, reproduced, performed, exhibited, and transmitted, by all means and media, both known and unknown by the MADE Committee.
For all information about the criteria for entering the MADE Awards, please view the MADE Awards Criteria