Creative Digital Image

Eligible entrants: The  Digital Image category is open to New Entrants through to Year 8 students enrolled in New Zealand schools.

Category One – Year 1-3
Category Two – Year 4-6
Category Three – Year 7-8

Entry will be judged on
  • Composition (the rule of thirds)
  • Impact
  • Communication using posing and/or content
  • Showcasing the combination of in camera skills as well as post production editing skills

A CREATIVE DIGITAL IMAGE is a photograph that MAY OR MAY NOT have been altered in some way.

By submitting your project, you consent to its use to be displayed, reproduced, performed, exhibited, and transmitted, by all means and media, both known and unknown by the MADE Committee.

For all information about the criteria for entering the MADE Awards, please view the MADE Awards Criteria.