Music Video

Eligible entrants: The  Music Video category is open to New Entrants through to Year 8 students enrolled in New Zealand schools.

Category One – Year 1-3
Category Two – Year 4-6
Category Three – Year 7-8

A music video is a short film, animation or video that accompanies a piece of music.

The Music Video Category will be judged according to the MADE Music Video marking Criteria which can be downloaded here

MUSIC VIDEO Marking Criteria

Music videos will be judged on the link between audio and digital media. Original music or covered pieces will be accepted with neither getting extra merit.

Entries must be a maximum of 4 minutes in length (this does not include credits or blank frames.) The music can be original composition or commercial music subject to copyright permission.

By submitting your project, you consent to its use to be displayed, reproduced, performed, exhibited, and transmitted, by all means and media, both known and unknown by the MADE Committee.

When choosing the song, please check the lyrics carefully as any song with inappropriate lyrics will be rejected. (ie death, swearing, horror, gore, suicide, violence, sexual themes etc). All entries should be of a ‘General’ rating, with content suitable to be shown to ALL Primary School aged children. The MADE Awards Trust reserve the right to exclude any entries where song lyrics is deemed to be inappropriate.

Questions about the differences between student created video and teacher created video or how much to expect from students during the video creation process? Check out the Resources Page.

For all information about the criteria for entering the MADE Awards, please view the MADE Awards Criteria.